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Harris Packaging Inc. is a comprehensive resource for all your packaging, shipping, and business supply needs. We offer the best prices and service to fulfill the requirements of even your most demanding and unique business needs. Whether you need packaging, poly films, wraps, papers, tapes, custom bags, shipping containers or supplies HPI is your ultimate packaging partner.


We offer a full catalog of packaging, papers, shipping supplies and more. This is just a sample of some of our more common offerings but please feel free to contact us for any special requests you may have.

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Wrap and Polyfilms

  • Meat, poultry, and seafood liners
  • FDA custom liners
  • Institutional can liners
  • Drum liners
  • Furniture covers
  • Gaylord box liners
  • IBC liners
  • Pallet covers, gusseted or center fold shrink and non-shrink
  • Single wound sheeting
  • Center fold sheeting
  • Lay-flat tubing
  • Gusseted tubing
  • Bundling film

Bags and Tapes

  • Custom Bags
  • Printed Bags
  • ACM Bags
  • Medical waste bags
  • Municipality bags
  • Fundraiser bags
  • No-slip bags
  • Ice bags
  • Top gusseted bags
  • Autoclave bags
  • Mattress bags
  • Food bags
  • Heavy-Duty packaging bags

Specialty Papers

  • Push/Pull (or Slip) Sheets
  • Medical Tray Paper
  • Pallet Covers
  • Tier Sheets
  • Box Dividers
  • Furniture Tack Strips
  • Picture/Poster Frame Backs
  • Refrigerator Backs
  • Shirt/Sock Inserts
  • To-Go Boxes
  • Rewound Rolls
  • Floor Covers
  • Reel Ends

Shipping Supplies

  • Custom Crates
  • Custom Pallets
  • Shipping Containers
  • Pallet Wrap Machinery
  • Shipping Equipment

Family owned and operated for over 75 years.

Michael B. Harris started working in the packaging industry in 1993 for his father. Harris’s father had been in business for 50+ years, and this is where Harris garnered his training and skills. Harris then branched off and started Harris Packaging and Specialty Papers Incorporated in 2000. Still a small family owned and operated company, HPI thrives on customer service and satisfaction. HPI’s pricing is also very competitive.

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Michael B. Harris

Michael B. Harris



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